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FSWA Profile: B.J. Rudell
Written by Michael Naclerio   

B.J. Rudell is not your prototypical fantasy sports writer nor is he doing it in a prototypical manner. He hasn't spent countless hours writing for free to find himself with a paid position; instead, he has jumped straight into writing much more in depth on fantasy sports and statistics.

A few short months ago Rudell released his newest book, "Fantasy Football for Winners," available at local book stores and online. The book is a statistical groundbreaking study on the NFL's predictive features, as well as a satirical look at the nation's growing obsession with fantasy sports.

Since the book's release Rudell has been all over the radio scene and has picked up endorsements from past/present NFL players including Joe Horn, TJ Duckett, and Rod Bironas. Also MLB pitcher Bob Tewksbury, Zhubin Parang -- a writer and performer on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart -- and comic actor Rich Fulcher.

Rudell's background isn't actually in fantasy writing. He is a senior consultant at Brailsford & Dunlavey, a facility planning and program management company in D.C.

Although Rudell just got into the world of fantasy writing, this wasn't his first taste of fantasy sports action. He first started with Strat-O-Matic baseball back in the mid '80s and then segued into Rotisserie in 1989. Over the years he's picked up two first place Sporting News finishes (against nearly 200,000 people each time).

This also isn't his first venture into book writing; He previously wrote a book titled: "Only in New Hampshire: My Journey on the Campaign Trail."  This publication garnered him the honor of "Writer on the Rise" by Campaigns & Elections magazine.

"Fantasy Football for Winners" offers an in depth statistical analysis of many different fantasy situations, and will provide solutions to quandaries such as:
• Neutralizing the adverse impact of injuries
• Executing favorably lopsided trades that appear fair
• Keeping your family on the other side of the house on game days

>> Getting to Know B.J. Rudell <<

Hometown: Born and raised in New York City. Have lived mostly in Washington, DC since 1995.

Your first fantasy experience: 1989 baseball league, partnered with my friend Tom Dwyer. I convinced him that we should draft the Astros' Bill Doran as our second baseman. Doran ended the season in a 31-for-221 (.140) slump, crushing our championship hopes.

Fantasy story to brag about: Aside from winning two worldwide Sporting News baseball titles, one story comes from a Sporting News football competition in 2005. I bucked convention and started LaMont Jordan in Week 6, even though there were about 15-20 other running backs who were projected to do better. Common sense said to take someone else, but my research showed that Jordan had the highest likelihood for a huge performance. He finished with 122 rushing yards, 40 receiving yards, and three TDs. I went on to finish that season in 19th place out of over 200,000 people.

Favorite fantasy sport: During baseball season, it's baseball. During football season, football. During basketball season . . .

Fantasy writers I admire: I admire a lot of writers. Evan and Drew Silva are among the best at distilling information and at knowing what the hell they're talking about.

Best fantasy acquisition ever: I have a lot of favorites. But #1 on the list came in 2006 when I noticed a friend struggling to make his fifth round pick. I had targeted the Bears DST as the best in the league that season. I was concerned that this guy might be considering starting a run on DSTs. My turn was three spots later. So I offered to swap fifth and sixth round picks. After a few minutes, he agreed to the trade. I selected the Bears. Then three spots later (my old pick), he drafted the Bucs DST. The Bears DST finished that season with the sixth most fantasy points overall. The Bucs tied for 157th.

Favorite movie: I have about 20 favorite movies; it all depends on my mood.  But the most kick-ass movie I've ever seen remains Robocop. It's one of two movies with the best last line. The other film with the best last line (and one of my favorites): Hoop Dreams.

Favorite CD: Changes with the times. My wife has great taste in alternative music, so my tastes continue to evolve. Radiohead's OK Computer has a lot of staying power. And few are better than Neil Young's greatest hits collection.

If I wasn't writing about fantasy sports I would be: Writing about improv comedy. I performed in Washington Improv Theater for several years and taught for about a decade. We improvise far more than we realize.